I'm All Natural™ All Natural wines with no artificial colors, tastes or flavor enhancement and the lowest sulfites, allergen and histamines levels in the world.

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All of our wines have established deep roots and grow in natural, healthy, mineral rich soil, and are dry farmed.

Are you looking for wines that not only taste great, but leave you feeling amazing? Look no further! Enjoy the fresh, clean, natural tastes of great German white wines. Try our dry Old World Riesling, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Kerner, Scheurebe and Gewuerztraminer varietals.

Crafted with no-oak production methods and according to strict King Frosch and German wine laws, all of our wines are All-Natural, which means they don’t have any artificial colors, taste or flavor enhancement, and have the lowest sulfites, allergen, and histamine levels in the world.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us via e-mail at customerservice@bbgltd.com.

Wine Styles - All White
#110 A SILVER GRAPE Kerner Auslese. Noble Sweet Wine. King Frosch THUMBNAIL
Fruity bouquet with a slight apricot taste on the finish. In all our samplings this wine stands out and receives great ovations. Beautifully balanced sweetness, very sophisticated and elegant!
Standard: $65.95

King Frosch Chardonnay Late Harvest, Noble-Sweet Wine THUMBNAIL
Full-bodied dessert wine with buttery overtones.
Standard: $119.95

#600 Dry Riesling Classic King Frosch All Natural Wines THUMBNAIL
on backorder
Light fresh dry with taste of citrus, apple, and peach.
Standard: $29.95

#605 Nahe Riesling Dry THUMBNAIL
Mild and smooth with a hint of citrus. 102 CALORIES (per glass).
Standard: $28.95

#607 Müller Thurgau THUMBNAIL
Semi-dry Riesling hybrid with light, natural sweetness.
Standard: $24.95
Sold Out

#608 Dry Riesling Limestone THUMBNAIL
#608 Dry Riesling Limestone - an exceptional bone dry Riesling
Standard: $34.95

#609 DRY (!) Riesling Late Harvest THUMBNAIL
DRY (!) Riesling (Select Harvest) Extra Dry Riesling! Nice balanced clean and great for food pairing, cheeses, spicy food, etc.
Standard: $34.95

#610 Gewürztraminer Dry THUMBNAIL
Bone dry, boasting hints of cloves, pear, and light floral notes.
Standard: $32.95

#611 Gewürztraminer Semi-Dry THUMBNAIL
Typical floral notes creates a sweet and spicy taste sensation.
Standard: $29.95

#612 Gewuerztraminer THUMBNAIL
Bursts of flavor including brown spice, rose petals, and lychee.
Standard: $29.95

#614 Riesling (Mosel) Select Harvest Noble Sweet THUMBNAIL
Medium-bodied with smooth and medium sweetness.
Standard: $29.95

#651 Bacchus Semi-Dry White Quality Wine THUMBNAIL
Semi-dry hybrid from Silvaner Riesling and Mueller-Thurgau.
Standard: $27.95

#700 Riesling Kabinett , Semi-Sweet THUMBNAIL
Refreshing with a taste of peach, apricot, and a hint of honey.
Standard: $29.95

No artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no artificial taste enhancers, clean, pure and all natural. THUMBNAIL
Excellent balance of acidity and naturally occurring residual sugar.
Standard: $19.95

#710 Off Dry Riesling Kabinett THUMBNAIL
Vibrant acidity and a hint of sweetness makes it slightly off-dry.
Standard: $28.95

#714 Riesling Kabinett Semi-Sweet THUMBNAIL
Refreshing with flavors of peach, apple, and minerality.
Standard: $29.95

#730 Moscato Bianco - Gelbe Muskatella THUMBNAIL
Semi-sweet with aromas of Muscat and vineyard peach.
Standard: $28.95
Sold Out

#740 Scheurebe Late Harvest (Riesling Family) THUMBNAIL
Grapefruit aroma with an overlay of black currant, orange and floral notes.
Standard: $28.95
Sold Out

#745 Silvaner Spätlese THUMBNAIL
Juicy stone-fruit notes balanced by subtle herb flavors.
Standard: $27.95

#746 Siegerrebe Spätlese (rare) THUMBNAIL
Sweet wine with a rich and juicy mouth. Lusciously sweet!!
Standard: $45.95

#767 Semi-Sweet Rielsing King Frosch THUMBNAIL
Semi-Sweet Riesling Kabinett with perfect balance of acidity and sweetness!
Standard: $28.95

#769 Riesling Auslese THUMBNAIL
Delicious high end Riesling
Standard: $37.95 $28.95

#800 Nobel Sweet Riesling King Frosch THUMBNAIL
Select harvest with perfect taste, balance and complexity.
Standard: $64.95

#888 Noble Sweet Riesling Auslese THUMBNAIL
LIMITED EDITION Christmas Bottle. Enjoy this amazing noble sweet Riesling yourself or use it for the perfect gift!
Standard: $64.95

#900 Pinot Blanc (Weisser Burgunder) - Dry- Unoaked THUMBNAIL
Balanced and clean with a tender bouquet and subtle acidity. LOW 95 CALORIES (per glass) and LOW CARB
Standard: $29.95

#910 Sauvignon Blanc Crisp and very tyical Sauvingnon Blanc THUMBNAIL
Notes of Rhine River vineyard white peach and green melon. 110 CALORIES (per glass) and LOW CARB
Standard: $29.95

Pinot Grigio (Dry) Unoaked THUMBNAIL
Dry and fresh with hints of grassy melon and wildflower with light lemon-citrus.
Standard: $29.95
Sold Out

#960 Chardonnay Pays D'OC THUMBNAIL
Full body dry white with a pale gold hue and elegant fruit nose. LOW 110 CALORIES (per glass).
Standard: $29.95

Chardonnay Argentina THUMBNAIL
Chardonnay Reserva
Standard: $65.00
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